The Lonely Marshmallow

by The Grey Marshmallow

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released January 1, 2015




The Grey Marshmallow Stamford, Connecticut

A once pure at heart marshmallow has come back to exact his revenge on the factories that sold him. He intends to bring together all marshmallows that enjoy similar music and create an army of them to take the snack industry over.

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Track Name: The Frivolous Musings And Rantings Of TGM Himself! Feel Honored!
So uh, currently there's, what, I guess a new year's eve something along the lines of that party/new year's day party, I don't fucking know, but it's making a lot of noise. Now, I think the neighbors are upset by it probably; I'm not personally upset by it because I've already slept cause everyone's sleeping; my parents are sleeping and I'm surprised they're not waking up by it. I think cops were called in order to cease; I just heard sirens cause there's almost never cops in this neighborhood (sarcasm) you know, but the point is I'm just kind of stating this so you know the affair of things. It's a very loud type of scene right now, but you're not hearing any of it so whatevs.
Track Name: Floating/Exploding: The Chronicle Of No One That Has Existed
And I'm exploding
And I'm floating
exploding is something I'm not to do.
Track Name: Instrumental: The Story Of a Song Without Any Lyrical Content Except Where Convenient
We're going back to where we began