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Some notes:

Track 2, "Jolt", was completely done by Borejko. Alongside that, he did work on Ribcage and Youth Part 1. His website can be found here:


Low Voltage's website can be found here:



released January 1, 2016

Prodigal Son - Production, instrumentation
Grey Marshmallow - Vocals, Production, Instrumentation
Borejko - Production
Low Voltage - production




The Grey Marshmallow Stamford, Connecticut

A once pure at heart marshmallow has come back to exact his revenge on the factories that sold him. He intends to bring together all marshmallows that enjoy similar music and create an army of them to take the snack industry over.

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Track Name: Rise Up
Rise up
Track Name: Spacey Kitchen
Sitting in my habitat
white walls surround
the chairless space
High pitched frequencies
permeating the mouth
slathered on to my face
Grey liquid entities
Swarming around
the air filled sound


Nothing is there
in the airless space
when everything's there
it's a desolate place

Verse 2:

And I believe
it's been enough
enough trees surrounding my fortress
nothing escapes my sunflower garden
nothing at all

Track Name: Laguna Hills
Ohh, on laguna hills
there lived a boy
who put his faith in plateaus
and on Laguna hills
when the priest
explores the tombs
in Laguna hills
He finds his prayer
and his new faith too
on Laguna hills
there lives a boy
who puts his faith in plateaus
On Laguna Hills
The parents find
the holy land
with a body too
on laguna hills
There lived a boy
and there now lies water near a tomb
It says here lies Johnny
on Laguna Hills
Laguna hills
oh oh oh
Laguna hills
Track Name: Ahh
Ahh ahh ahh
Track Name: Angst
Staring, aiming, lookin over the shoulder at the pictures in their frames and
Speak up, a little louder to demonstrate the vision or at least your comprehension
Of messiah, I'm tired of the lack of wish given, we'll never be forgiven
The newest of the mold they're trudging, they're walkin, back to their stalks and
They're tired, don't leave me, believe me, you'll never cease them so
Don't try it, just go and force the newest of the genius species to assist in the stopping of


Sideways, visions, The stone goes up the lift on a Sunday, the nightmares force real credence.
Be aware of the trite and incoherent

x 2

Verse 2:

Appearance, aesthetics, they'll force you to forget it, the problem, you'll solve if you only knew them
The solution, minute men, crazed individualism, just like everyone falls to lies and severe sin
There's a dichotomy, join or go to hell, such a fair disparity, there's no way, discernment forces rationale and
in Sicker, the sickest of new storms and rarely have they lacked their perseverance, the insistent forces
They chortle to the last end, it's futile, we'll cuddle, but we'll never get rid of these

Track Name: Youth Part 1
And unto thee
he placed his hand
statements such as
“why hath though died”
“I'm still alive”
stated the foam
The effigy for golden clothes
in which it flows
“thy hath betrayed
rooted tradition”
He said in archaic metaphor
such as he was
“My allegiance to thee
Is tantamount to
the clinging of leaves on rivers
a new wind hath come”
his father closed
the eyelids' shape
Rain fell on that day
to the earth's dismay
20 years ago
a smith inside his home
created a mace for his adventure
during his youth
and now he's grown
no progress made
shall this story be untold
or has it never come?

Second voice:

Praise land and air
The lord has come
Bless me with prosperity
and eternal life

Third voice:

Mercy, have mercy
mercy, have mercy
who held the cup?
Who let it go?
When I died?
Letters rarely form words
Letters rarely comprehend me like you do