The Grey Marshmallow LP

by The Grey Marshmallow

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released August 7, 2014



all rights reserved


The Grey Marshmallow Stamford, Connecticut

A once pure at heart marshmallow has come back to exact his revenge on the factories that sold him. He intends to bring together all marshmallows that enjoy similar music and create an army of them to take the snack industry over.

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Track Name: The Sound Of Instruments Quarreling/I Shall Not Purchase You A New Life Therefore I'm A Pathological Liar
I will purchase your life anew; clap in order to greet.
I will purchase your life anew; my state of being is odd.
Everclear sample:
I will buy you a garden where your flowers can bloom
I will buy you a new car, perfect shiny and new
I will buy you that big house way up in the west hills
I will buy you a new life.
Track Name: Detective Meat
Another case of the sandwich killer. I had been on the case for about 4 weeks; it all started with a string of bolognas being snatched and held for ransom only for the families to receive the news that their significant other and/or close relative had been killed. The STPD (Sandwich Town Police Department) had labeled the man behind this the bologna bandit, despite never catching him.

A similar string of crimes had appeared except with a different kind of meat. This time, it was the salami. A lengthy time ha passed since the bologna case had ended so assuming the two were interconnected was something the STPD had not done. These salamis had their fat gauged out and their bodies vandalized with comments such as "get back to Salamiville you ugly piece of beef." The salami in question wasn't even beef; it was pork.

Now that you're all caught up with the basics of the case, We'll explain to you how we caught this culprit. It was quite simple actually. We had located certain witnesses and questioned as to what the killer looked like etc. and we found him in our databases and we snatched the bastard. I guess this is good to warn all of ya'll; the polices databases need some remodeling. I gotta tell ya.
Track Name: The Giant Disdains Capitalism/ The Might Amoeba 2
He clutched the rope with his grip; he spotted islands on the tip of his telescope. He wandered to another continent without the use of guidance or mechanical transportation. When he returns back from his trip he'll be greeted with surprise visits by the insurance companies who only care to fuel their greed; no need for accomplishments when you have money.